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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at Church House Dental Clinic – say goodbye to stained, yellow or discoloured teeth!

Great Teeth Whitening in Somerset

Coffee, tea, smoking and wine – these are just a few of life’s little pleasures that can, over time, stain your teeth and leave you feeling less attractive. Luckily there are now surgery-based and home-based teeth whitening treatments available to undo the damage.

Tooth whitening uses a bleaching process to remove stains and discoloration of the teeth and give them a whiter appearance. At our dental clinic we offer a range of teeth whitening services that can provide lasting effects of up to ten years, teeth whitening is a great way to stay looking younger!

Option A:

Home-based teeth whitening: Tray based whitening

This teeth whitening method uses custom-made, thin plastic guards which are supplied with and are designed to hold a teeth whitening gel to whiten your teeth at home. These trays – one for your top teeth and one for your bottom teeth – are made in our dental laboratory by casting a model of your teeth after we’ve taken impressions. The teeth whitening process involves wearing the gel-filled trays for 1 hour or 6-8 hours  (depending on strength of whitening gel used), for seven to ten sessions. They can both be worn at the same time or separately.
This teeth whitening process takes longer than surgery-based teeth whitening but the investment is lower.

Whitening must be suitable for your mouth. Our dentist will assess this at your first appointment.

COST: £440.00

Option B:

Enlighten whitening treatment: Combination of @home and in surgery whitening

Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every one of our patients. And it has a 98% success rate.

Enlighten Evolution Whitening is a combination treatment meaning that there is a 2 week home treatment followed by a 1 hour visit to the dentist. Two weeks after your dentist delivers your Enlighten Whitening trays. These are thin and comfortable and must be worn in bed for 14 nights. Then on the 15th day you need to see your dentist for the second treatment, which takes only 40 minutes.

Results can last indefinitely with some very simple maintenance by wearing the trays for 1 night every other month. Continuing to brush with Tooth Serum will also prolong results.

For more information – visit http://www.enlightensmiles.com/

COST: £585.00

Teeth whitening frequently asked questions

  • Could I just use a teeth whitening toothpaste?
    • For teeth whitening pastes to really work they would need to be in contact with your teeth for at least 15 minutes, which would never happen during the brushing process. Some teeth whitening toothpastes can even permanently damage your teeth as they contain acids or abrasives.
  • What about my fillings or crowns?
    • Because fillings or crowns stay the same colour during the teeth whitening process, they may need to be replaced to match the lighter colour of your teeth after completion of the treatment.

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